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  2. Windu’s Old Republic Banthaburgers by nikoby

    Get ‘em while they’re freshly sabered. Since established a long time ago, Windu’s has never used pink batha poodoo.

    Click here to purchase as a tshirt/sticker.

  3. Anybody Want a Peanut? by Nikoby

    Available for purchase as a tshirt/sticker on different colors and styles at redbubble.

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    1. What video game character should I draw next?
  4. In the year 2113, The last robot samurai fights off hordes of robotic ninjas. Equipped with swords, missiles, and heavy lasers, the lone samurai has his work cut out for him. Bring it!

    New T-shirt design up for voting.  It is submitted to the Next Big Tee contest on Threadless.  Click here to vote!

    Check out the Threadless forum thread for details.


  5. Arcade Fire Print

  6. threadless:

    Forward" by Chuck Pavoni and nikoby is up for scoring in our Future design challenge!

    Here’s what Chuck had to say about this collaboration: 

    as we move forward into the future, we will change, along with our appearance, but hopefully our values stay the same! this is a collaboration with the very talented nikoby! hope you like it :)”

    There are only 2 days left to submit your most futuristic designs!

  7. The Many Colors of Death

  8. Dr. Gordon Freeman

  9. Mario is awesome

    (Source: farm8.staticflickr.com)