Did my first screen recording ever.  No audio or anything else.  Just straight up drawing in Photoshop.  Have patience with me, I’ll learn this eventually :P

I plan to start recording myself working so I can show my process more…

Full Metal Shell

The inconceivable and unheard of sequel to the beloved Princess Bride and the not so beloved My Dinner with Andre, My Dinner with Andre (the Giant)

Sounds awesome!  Looking forward to this :D



Wrapping up colors on Spider-Gwen tonight! Look out! Here comes the Spider-Gwennnnnn.

"Edge of Spider-verse #2:  Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman"  is nearly real, y’all. 

"Tales of The Incredibles" My t-shirt design for The Incredibles contest on Threadless.  I wanted to convey a style that was reminiscent of the golden age of comics.  Be sure to vote a 5!

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P.S.  Stay tuned for more All the Trolls I know